How to Test Your Nano 8 Shoes, According to the Champ


Just as new cars come with that infamous ‘new car smell,’ wouldn’t it be nice if new shoes came equipped with a workout? In the case of the Nano 8, they do!

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave is now available which means it’s time to put the newest CrossFit shoes to the test.

Adrian Conway, three-time Reebok CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champion including as a member of this past summer’s Team Wasatch Brutes, was one of the first athletes that Reebok tapped when testing the shoe. Having now spent significant time training in it and experiencing its newest features, it only made sense for Conway to program a Nano 8 inspired WOD.

“The Nano 8 is the best of all the previous Nano shoes with even better upgrades,” Conway says. “This year, it really feels like there was a consistency from the Nano 7 Weave to the Nano 8 but with subtle changes to improve!”

What are the best improvements?

“The enhanced flexibility” says Conway. “The way it moves in response to my movement is just how I like it. I noticed the biggest difference while jumping, lunging and changing direction. It moulds to my foot great.”

As a result, Conway’s workout includes these movements, as well as others where he personally has noticed the shoe’s enhancements come in handy. He recommends performing this workout the first day you wear your new Nanos to the gym, as it was specifically designed to help you get an immediate feel for the shoe.

Nano 8 WOD

  • 5 rounds for time:
  • 12 x snatch 34/25kg. 
  • 7,5m overhead walking lunge
  • 9 x bar facing burpee 
  • 200m run

“This workout is fast,” says Conway when asked how it should be performed.

“Scale weights to loads you can do for 12 touch-and-go snatches, unbroken. If you don’t have space for the 7,5m walking lunge, then substitute with eight stationary lunges. The run can be also subbed by a 200m row, if it’s too cold.”

Even after you finish this WOD, there’s no need to change shoes. Conway notes the Nano 8’s “clean and sleek” design as one of his favourite features.

“I could wear it to train or even with some jeans,” he says. “This is like the CrossFitter’s love language! We want shoes we can wear for any and every occasion.”

How long did Conway’s Nano 8 WOD take you? Tweet @ReebokSA to let us know what you thought of the Nano 8 shoe your first time wearing it.