How to master the Standing Split Pose

Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time for new beginnings AND new poses!

After all, who doesn’t love that “just crushed that pose” feeling? So for your next challenge we spoke with Yoga instructor and blogger, Jacquelyn Umof(@actionjacquelyn) to find out about the prep poses you need to learn to master the Standing Split Pose.

Rise beyond

According to Umof, the Standing Split is a test for your body – not only of balance, but also flexibility. “The balancing strength in the standing foot makes it very difficult, plus the flexibility needed to lift the leg up,” she says.

Challenging yourself with poses like the Standing Split isn’t easy. It’s hard work setting a goal for yourself and pushing past your comfort zone, but it goes without saying that the accomplishment you feel in the end is totally worth it!

Umof also reminds us why yoga can be so beneficial to your body and soul. “Yoga helps ground your mind, keeps your joints healthy, and encourages breathing, which is most often forgotten about in other exercise forms,” she says. So to really nail your Standing Split, Umof breaks down the three foundation poses you’ll need to learn.

Prep Poses:

1 Half split

Half split: This pose helps to increase the flexibility in the hamstring and also acts as a blueprint to Standing Splits. Just remember to keep the hips square in this stretch.

2 Low Lunge

Low Lunge: This pose stretches the fronts of the thighs and loosens the hips. Remember to draw the abs in and up and firmly ground the front foot into the floor to help strengthen the balance muscles in your feet.

3 Three-Legged Downward Dog

Three-Legged Downward Dog: This pose strengthens the upper body and stretches the back of the standing leg. It also helps to prepare you for being inverted (meaning heart is higher than your head). Be sure to keep the hips square in this pose and continue to lengthen the sides of the body.

Crafted by fitness

Of course, while the summer season might be all about the beach, hanging out with friends and having a festive time, Umof says not to let it distract you from learning and trying new things. Especially when it comes to your fitness routine. It’s crucial to stick to your workouts and to keep powering through.

“If you fall off the tracks, get right back on as soon as you possibly can,” she says. “Don’t look back and just keep moving forward.”

For Umof, mastering a tough pose is just one of the many things she loves about yoga. Yoga allows her to keep pushing her body past its limits to find out what she is really capable of. “I’m never done learning,” she says. “Every day my body is different, and I’m faced with new challenges and opportunities to explore my body in a way that is unique to yesterday and the day before. “

You can’t be any more human than that!

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